Here’s how to prepare for an emergency when you have a chronic illness

When the word “prepper” comes to mind, you probably imagine fit and young individuals who are ready to hike or camp anywhere with a bag full of gear and supplies.

However, prepping is not just for fit and physically active people. Even those with chronic illnesses must prepare before SHTF, especially since they may need medical equipment or medication for their condition. (h/t to

Prepping tips for people with chronic illnesses

It is not impossible to prep with a chronic illness, but you may need to improvise when it comes to your supplies and possible exit strategies, especially if your condition is severe.

What to do if you have diabetes

If you have diabetes, always check the sugar content of your food when stocking your pantry or packing a bugout bag (BOB). You will also need medication, especially if you are bugging out or evacuating. Do not forget your insulin pumps and other required supplies that can help you manage your condition.

Prepare your BOB today so you are always ready to go whenever SHTF.

What to do if you have lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that makes the immune system attack a patient’s organs. Severe cases of the condition are linked to organ damage and failure.

Even if medical advances have helped patients deal with this condition, the same can’t be said when SHTF. If you have lupus, check your food supplies and ensure that you know which foods can trigger flare-ups. When packing a BOB, avoid processed meat products (e.g., Spam or store-bought beef jerky).

Make sure your food supplies contain as much dairy as possible. You can also keep cows so you can have access to milk, or you can plant green leafy vegetables. Prepare a cache of your medication supply, which you must bring with you if you need to evacuate during an emergency. (Related: MAKE TIME to exercise and commit to be fit, especially if you’re a prepper.)

What to do if you have a seizure disorder

Survival scenarios can be stressful and stress may trigger seizures. Try to practice proper stress management techniques so you can stay as calm as possible even while on the road.

If you or someone in the group has a seizure disorder, you need to come up with a prep plan to ensure that their condition does not worsen even when disaster strikes. Include your neighbor in your prep plan so they can help you handle a seizure if you need help and you are home alone.

What to do if you are unable to walk

Running away from danger can get complicated, especially if you are confined to a wheelchair or if you need crutches to get around. Keep extra crutches in your supply and store a walker in your bugout vehicle so you can stay mobile. If you own a battery-operated device, you may also want to keep a manual wheelchair in your stockpile, just in case.

As a prepper, you are also responsible for the safety of your family or prepping group. Check if you have a first aid kit and enough food, water, and supplies for everyone.

When SHTF, everyone has to be prepared. As long as you plan ahead, you can survive a disaster scenario even if you have a chronic illness.

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