America’s new youth: They rob a convenience store after realizing clerk is suffering a heart attack

A shocking video from a convenience store in Washington state has revealed that three young men robbed a convenience store as the cashier laid on the ground, dying of a heart attack. The disturbing footage has left concerned citizens wondering: What is wrong with kids these days? It seems as time goes on, American youth become more foul-mouthed and spoiled, with little concern for anyone or anything — other than themselves, of course.

As ABC News reports, two teens and a third, older male suspect, were seen on tape, robbing a convenience store, blatantly ignoring a store clerk in serious medical distress. Based on the footage, it appears that the incident began with the two younger males attempting to take two pepperoni sticks without paying. The older man who accompanied them tried to pay the clerk one dollar for a different item, and an argument began.

That is when the cashier, identified as Zarif Kelada, suffered what police deemed a “major medical issue.” The three young men continued to rob the store after Kelada fell to the ground. The older man is seen taking his dollar bill back from a collapsed Kelada. The video footage shows one of the teens hopping behind the counter to rob the register, as well as cigarettes.

After returning multiple times to steal goods from the store, the thieves left Kelada for dead. Police have stated the trio made no attempt to help him. Store manager Angela Sharapova told authorities that the teens made off with just $178.

“It just breaks our hearts,” she reportedly commented. The Auburn police department is still searching for the young men responsible for this crime.

Kelada, a father of three young children and sole provider for his family, was taken to the hospital after another customer entered the store and called 911. He is currently on life support and is in critical condition. His coworkers have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his medical expenses. They describe him as “a friendly, dependable employee, husband and father of 3.”

American youth are in big trouble

The next generation of Americans is in for a rude awakening. The lack of empathy, the massive sense of entitlement and the spoiled-rotten attitude of the new youth is seriously disturbing — and when these children reach adulthood, it’s hard to imagine how they’ll even become functional members of society. Whether it’s carelessly robbing a store while a man lies on the ground unconscious, or it’s foul-mouthed David Hogg demanding “his turn” on the political stage, the youth of today simply have no concept of what it means to actually earn something.

The left-wing has done a great job corrupting the youth of today with promises of free education, free healthcare and even free universal basic income. Paired with the narcissistic nature of social media, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster. In addition to these insane demands, kids today are doing increasingly stupid things in an effort to get their 15 minutes of social media stardom. Snorting condoms and eating Tide pods are examples not just of extreme stupidity, but narcissism: The youth of today are willing to do just about anything for attention and approval. And they all want to be “famous,” even if it means being famous for doing something stupid.

Kids today just expect the world to hand them success and pepperoni sticks on silver platter. But as we all know, nothing is free. Everything comes at a price — and the next generation is apparently willing to sell their souls for cigarettes and Facebook likes.

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