CounterThink with Mike Adams: Why 80% of Democrats could be wiped out by this one event

In the latest CounterThink episode, Health Ranger Mike Adams explains why Democrats have designed their own death due to their socialist principles that have reduced their ability to adapt to various changes.

“Democrats are physically doomed to extinction based on the principles of natural selection,” he says. “[We are just] one event away from Democrats being utterly wiped out across the planet, depending on the scenario.”

This is a “warning,” states Adams, not a threat. He contends that Democrats have manipulated themselves into a corner of deliberate helplessness – one that will prove to be devastating when the literal SHTF.

“I’ve done a detailed analysis [on this], and by all my calculations, Democrats will lose a much larger percentage of people [compared to conservatives],” says Adams.

The threat of their own extinction lies in the left-leaning party’s inability to care for themselves. This is seen time and again: City living encourages people to work together and delegate tasks to achieve a certain amount of equilibrium. This works fairly well in the beginning, but a countless number of studies have shown that continual city living pushes a more socialist-type of behavior. Said in the simplest terms, cut off one leg of a socialist society, and everything crumbles.

This will not be the fate for those who embrace adaptability – typically seen in conservatives and those who embrace alternative, natural, and rural living. Those who know how to defend themselves, do manual labor, and are free to think and make decisions for themselves – these are the ones who will survive a potential crisis.

Two such crises are talked about in this episode.

The first is a viral outbreak, whether deliberate or not. Modern medicine would have you believe that all pharmaceutical drugs are safe, yet more people have been reported to be sick than ever before. In an ironic turn of events, the rise of antibiotics has only increased the number of drug-resistant bacteria strains. We are talking about escalation, and Mother Nature proves yet again to be the better contender.

Nevertheless, those who choose to live in rural areas, and keep their bodies clean from unnatural substances are more likely to survive a viral pandemic.

The second crisis that has been documented to most likely occur is a massive grid down scenario. This could happen by either a massive solar storm or an EMP attack. Both situations would require people to go back to the basics or essential survival skills.

Would Democrats be prepared? Would they know what to do when they are forced to fend for themselves? (Related: Your liver is WHERE? Clueless millennials know less about basic anatomy than any previous generation.)

It’s not just the many insane, WTF moments that socialists are giving us. They are also proving that should the end of the world really happen; they will be the least prepared, much to their own detriment.

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