Detailed mid-term election analysis revealed THREE outcome scenarios (and two of them lead to civil war)

The mid-term elections are tomorrow, and in a detailed analysis video shown below, I lay out the three scenarios of possible outcomes:

Outcome #1) Democrats take the House, but GOP keeps the Senate.

Outcome #2) The GOP keeps the House and the Senate.

Outcome #3) The election results remain in “limbo” for an extended period of time due to accusations of election meddling / fraud.

As I explain in my video, in all three outcomes, President Trump fires Jeff Sessions and appoints an aggressive new Attorney General who unleashes a wave of indictments against deep state anti-American traitors on the Left.

Remember that even if Democrats take the House, that control won’t take effect until January. This leaves roughly two months for the Trump administration to go after the deep state criminals on the Left who are systematically working to destroy America and impeach the president.

The “limbo” scenario and how it could lead to open revolt, social chaos and martial law

One possible outcome is the “limbo” scenario where control of the House is determined by a very small number of seats that were achieved with very narrow margins. If the candidates refuse to concede, vote recounts could extend for several days. But there’s another scenario that could push this out to several weeks or months.

If GOP candidates lose by very small margins, they may rightfully claim the election was stolen by a coordinated censorship / smear effort that has been carried out by the tech giants and left-wing media for the last two years. By selectively censoring conservative voices, tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have committed massive election meddling that denies Americans their right to engage in public debate and conversation — a pillar of any democratic society. “Fair and free” elections require free speech, but that free speech has been selectively stifled by left-leaning tech companies that clearly have an agenda to put Democrats in power by silencing conservative voices.

This is election meddling / fraud on a national scale, and a challenge to the validity of the entire election could conceivably end up in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, where Gorsuch and Kavanaugh confirmations have now given Republicans a clear advantage.

If this scenario takes place, and if a SCOTUS decision reverses an election victory that Democrats thought they held, giving control of the House of Representatives to the GOP, you can fully expect the lunatic Left to erupt with nationwide violence and mass civil unrest. This would quickly be followed by some form of martial law, with National Guard troops on the streets to protect communities against the lawlessness and chaos of left-wing protesters.

It’s not difficult to see such a scenario escalating to a full-blown civil war.

As I explain in my video, below, the Left also erupts of the GOP keeps the House. So two out of the three outcomes here lead to some form of civil unrest that likely escalates to civil war.

This is all the more reason why you should vote against the Democrats in every election. They do not believe in Democracy, and if they don’t win, they will use violence and terrorism to try to steal power that they could not legitimately gain via elections.

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